Individual Desserts
Our newest product line offers the perfect option for plating an
individual serving in a very elegant presentation. We decorate these
with only minimal embellishments so that each chef can create their
own signature dessert with them. Easy to handle and plate ahead in
mass, yet simply irresistible as a dessert for small gatherings. Each
cylindrical serving is just under 3 inches across and weighs approx. 3
ounces (depending on variety). These adorable little treasures are
sure to fill your needs for something between a full slice of cake and
the tiny "I wish I could have dessert" shot glasses.

               Gooey Pecan
               Bourbon Mousse
               Vanilla Bean Cheesecake
               Peanut Butter Mousse
               Strawberry Sensation
               Chocolate Pate
               Double Mousse
               Key Lime              
               Caramel Pecan Cheesecake

Available in each flavor, 15 per box